Canon T6i Buying Tips

Most great photographers need a camera that captures good photos and easy to use like canon T6i lenses. Canon T6i lenses are a product of Japanese manufacturers and they are mostly used in video and photo shooting. They are of high quality compared to other brands though they are expensive.

Tips for buying a Canon T6i bundle

Canon T6i bundle

Purchasing a good Canon EOS T6i bundle depends on your budget. However, it’s important to note that any type of canon T6i lenses takes good videos and photos.

The features to consider when buying a camera:

  • Megapixels are countless small dots that make up a photo. The lowest canon camera has at least 18 megapixels.
  • Image processors and sensors are other essential features and they help in the conversion of light color into photos and videos. Their quality increases from the lowest rated to the highest.
  • HD Video shows clear and distinguished images. Every user dreams of a camera that can give an HD video. However, frame rates; mono versus stereo or even external jacks differs with the type of camera.
  • Despite all models having LCD screens, some lack screen flipping, and spinning. Moreover, some even have touchscreens.
  • Lastly, the connectivity is very important. That is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that can allow you to transfer your photos and videos into your gadgets for editing so that you can share with friends. Some have them while many lack this connectivity.

Must have canon T6i lenses

1. Rokinon 50mm F1.4 standard prime

It has a great lens that is good in portraits, astrophotography, and even landscape photography. Moreover, it is of high quality and also durable.

Also, it has a curved 8-blade diaphragm that enhances a circular bokeh effect. Surely, it is incomparable to traditional lenses.

Best Canon T6i lenses

TheĀ best Canon T6i lenses also have an ultra multi-coating that enables light transmission thus reducing blurredness and ghosting.

Lastly, its internal focusing gives a 17.7 focus, meaning there is no change in the length or rotation of the lens

2. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro

It has a razor-sharp imaging, a beautiful bokeh and also does macro work.
Also, it has a silent motor that enables you to shoot ultra-close up macro of living things like insects.

Moreover, image stabilization is effective and invaluable allowing you to shoot without any support and maintain a sharp focus utilizing the shallower depths of field. Most other lenses lack this feature.

Lastly, it has weather sealing that enables you to use it at any time regardless of the weather.
In conclusion, if you need lenses that do fabulous tasks, consider buying canon T6i lenses. They are the best there is on the market.